Textile Conveyor Belts

Tailor-made for the Most Varied of Conveying Applications

Depending on the application, textile conveyor belts feature various cover stock properties and a single- or multi-ply textile tensile member. Long-lived products for diverse conveying tasks in machine and plant construction as well as many other industries.


The RopeCon® conveyor system is part conveyor belt and part ropeway. It combines the benefits of both systems, thus making large differences in altitude possible with few support points and large mass flow rates. Jozsef Papp, sales manager in the Mining World segment of ContiTech Transportbandsysteme GmbH, explains: “Compared to other means of transport, the RopeCon® concept is especially eco-friendly and presents advantages wherever high conveying capacity is required across impassable terrain, wooded areas or wide rivers."


The RopeCon® system ideally combines the advantages of tried-and-tested ropeway technology with the advantages of conventional conveyor belts.

A conveyor belt with corrugated sidewalls and integrated wheel sets runs on load-bearing cables over tower stations, and is thus lifted above the ground over rough terrain.

Minimum build up of dust and noise.

Low operating and maintenance costs.

Space requirements reduced to a minimum.

Virtually no negative impact on the environment.


All types of unit and bulk loads.

Conveyor distance up to 20 km in one section.

Conveying capacity up to 20,000 t/h.

Easily overcomes roads, train tracks, rivers or other obstacles

Up to 2,000 m between tower stations


For some companies, mission statements are reserved for annual reports, but The SICON® conveyor belt is made of a highly flexible rubber capable of forming a pear-shaped “pouch”: Clean, safe, and curve negotiable up to 180°. The extra-high flexibility of SICON® conveyor belts renders involved system configurations possible for optimum conformity to topographical conditions.

Tube Conveyor Belts

The newly developed tube conveyor belt presents all the advantages of conventional belt conveyors while also providing further benefits that make for a technically and economically optimum conveyor system. The tube conveyor belt consists of tried-and-tested elements, ensuring that the high reliability of previous belt conveyors can be achieved.


FLEXOWELL® Conveyor belts for steep inclined and vertical conveying: faster, cleaner, economical. The FLEXOWELL®-conveyor belts are designed for horizontal, steep inclined and vertical handling of all kinds of bulk materials from coarse-size coal and ore, rock, coarse sand or fertilizers. Lump sizes varying from powdery, floury material up to 400 mm (16) can be handled easily with FLEXOWELL®-conveyor systems. Materials can be carried over 500 m (1,640) in vertical lift with capacities from 1m/h up to 6,000 t/h.


POCKETLIFT® – The innovation for steep inclined and vertical conveying up to 500 m. Based on the FLEXOWELL®-technology and the newly developed conveying systems, it is now possible to overcome the performance limitations of conventional conveyor belting and to move into new dimensions in conveying technology.

Vacuum Filter Belts

Filtering and Transport in One Operation

Separation of Solids from Fluids such as in Flue Gas Desulfurization in Coal-fired Power Plants

CONTI® vacuum filter belts separate solids and liquids. If desired, this is accompanied by rinsing, leaching or acid washing. The belts form a continuously circulating trough that holds and transports the filter blanket, the filter cake, the suspension and the washing solvent and removes the filtrate. The force of gravity and the vacuum generated cause the filtrate to be siphoned off via the belt grooves and through the drainage holes in the center of the belt.


good chemical resistance

high temperature stability.

good aging- and sun-cracking-resistance.



laterally stable.

Product Range:

Belts in widths up to 4,800 mm.

Completed with edge profiles, fluting, endless splice.

Types available – normal, heat resistant, resistant to oil and grease.